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Bus54's Partnership with Cornerstone Insurance Plc
  • 11 Apr 2023

Bus54's Partnership with Cornerstone Insurance Plc

Bus54, a leading intercity online bus booking platform, has announced a new partnership with Cornerstone Insurance Plc, a major insurance company in Nigeria. Under the terms of the agreement, passengers booking on Bus54 platform will be covered by travel insurance from Cornerstone Insurance. 

This partnership aims to provide a seamless travel experience for passengers by offering them the assurance and protection they need while traveling. Passengers will now have access to travel insurance coverage as part of their booking process on Bus54, giving them peace of mind as they embark on their journey. 

The travel insurance package provides cover for accidental medical treatment, theft of checked-in personal effects, and transport of mortal remains in the event of a fatal accident during the journey. There is also an additional life insurance payment to the family of the passenger. 

“We are excited to partner with Cornerstone Insurance to provide our passengers with travel insurance coverage,” said Ezra Anajonu, Co-Founder/CEO, Bus54. “This partnership reflects our commitment to enhancing the travel experience of our passengers by providing them with innovative solutions that ensure their safety and convenience.” 

Speaking on the partnership, Stephen Alangbo, Executive Director Technical, Cornerstone Insurance Plc said, “We are delighted to partner with Bus54 to offer travel insurance coverage to passengers on their platform. We believe this partnership will enable us to extend our services to more Nigerians and support the growth of the transportation industry in the country.” 

The partnership is a significant step towards creating a safer and more convenient travel experience for Nigerians. Bus54 and Cornerstone Insurance Plc are committed to ensuring that passengers have access to innovative solutions that provide them with the assurance and protection they need while traveling.

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