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Why should I partner with Bus54?

Bus54 provides transport operators with a website complete with booking capability and payment integration so that you can manage your end-to-end operations, which puts you in control of your transport business

What is the booking process like for the customer?

First of all, you will need to register. Once done, a confirmation email is sent via email. Confirm the email and you are all set. Don't worry, you only need to do this once. Secondly, with registration completed, login, select your departure and arrival city, select the date of travel, and hit the search button. Transport operators for your route will be displayed. Select one, choose your seat, and head to the payment page. After payment, you will receive a payment confirmation email and your e-ticket. The e-ticket comes with a unique QR code for your particular journey. Simply present or show your e-ticket at the operator's terminal on the day of travel and skip the queue.

Is any technical development required on our end?

NO. Bus54 does the heavy technical lifting for you so that you can focus on delighting your passengers and growing your business

How can we be 100% sure that we avoid overbooking?

Using Bus54's solution to manage your end-to-end operations puts a stop to over-booking. Once all the seats in a bus have been sold, seats are no longer available for sale on that particular bus.

How are tickets validated?

Tickets are validated by presenting the booking confirmation (e-ticket) to the transport operator. The e-ticket has a QR code that is unique to your booking. The transport operator validates the ticket by scanning the QR code.

What does a partnership cost?

There is zero upfront cost to become a transport partner with Bus54. In fact, because we want you to succeed, we don't make money unless you are. That is why we only charge a nominal commission per ticket booked

How do I know when a ticket is sold?

You will have a dashboard where you can view ticket sales information in real time.

How can I manage my inventory?

You will have an admin portal to manage activities like updating routes, schedules, and prices. You can also add and remove buses and/or drivers. In short, we provide you with all the tools that put you in control of your business

What is the cancellation policy i.e. when a customer wants to cancel after paying for a ticket?

Cancellation is governed by the transport operator's policy which varies depending on the operator. Please check the operator's cancellation policy before booking.

How do I get paid?

Settlements (monetary value of tickets sold on behalf of a transport operator) is done on the next working day as per the terms of the third-party payment provider

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