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Bus54 joins AWS Loft Accelerator
  • 21 Dec 2022

Bus54 joins AWS Loft Accelerator

Bus54 is halfway through the AWS Loft accelerator program, having joined the November 2022 cohort. Just a reminder, the Loft Accelerator is a program offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that provides startups with access to resources and support to help them build and scale their businesses using AWS.

So far, the program has already provided the team with the following:

Access to AWS experts and technical advisors: One of the benefits of the program is access to AWS experts and technical advisors to get help with our AWS infrastructure and architecture, as well as receive guidance on how to best use AWS services to meet our business needs.

Networking opportunities: The AWS Loft Accelerator program has provided a range of networking opportunities including events, workshops, and pitch sessions. These events has helped the team to connect with other entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts. The AWS Loft network has also enabled us to establish new partnerships and customer segments. Watch this space in 2023! 

Access to AWS resources and tools: Reduced time to build and ship new features with access to AWS resources and tools, such as technical documentation, training materials, and best practices.

Overall, participating in the AWS Loft Accelerator program has been invaluable to us at Bus54. We are proud to have AWS support us on our journey to build the digital infrastructure that will power passenger road transportation and provide Africans with aviation-style booking and travel experience.

Follow us on our journey with AWS Loft Accelerator.

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